Biscuit Cupcake Soap


Weight: 120g approx.
Homemade & Hand Crafted Soap.
Cold Process Soap

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Olive Oil Palm Oil Neroli Essential Oil Cedar Wood Essential Oil Minral Water Lye

Best for all skin type.
Synthetic Fragrance-Free.
Preservatives & Paraben Free

Due to the handmade nature of this product, design, color and scent may slightly different from batch to batch.

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Biscuits cupcake soap is lovingly handmade and contains no nasties. And because it is kinder to the skin, it’s perfect to use on the delicate facial areas too. This could be a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself to pamper!
Soap is something that you slather all over your skin every single day. It’s worth the effort to make sure that you use something pure and natural , not to mention non-drying.

Typical store bought or “commercial” soaps that may be labeled as “natural” are actually detergents that include chemical hardeners, foaming agents and artificial fragrances. If the product contains synthetic detergents, it’s a cosmetic, not a soap. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to educate ourselves on the products we use.


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