F16 Face Toner


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Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% pure and homemade Neem hydrosol eucalyptus hydrosol and aloe vera hydrosol
Best for oily, acne and sensitive skin
This is a preservatives FREE product Please keep it in the refrigerator

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F16 toner Is made out of 100% pure and homemade hydrosols. Preservatives free Paraben free synthetic color and fragrance-free. What it does? fight with acne, impurities, dirt, blackheads and texture anti fungal  balance skin’s PH level. What is hydrosol? A hydrosol is the “water” part of steam or hydro-distillation of a botanical material. They have the same properties of essential oils, but are far less potent. But still quite powerful!

Hydrosols are the key for DE oxidation, If you have a problem of skin oxidization when ever you use different tap water or weather changing this is a best solution for you. they also maintain skins natural color, preventing blackheads, protect you from ageing and UV Rays due to its PH balancing ability

F16 has hydrosol of neem, aloe Vera, and eucalyptus. Let’s see the benefits of each hydrosol on skin.

aloe Vera hydrosol is a facial cleanser and toner to treat acne. Soothes the sunburn skin and many  other skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema can be relieved with the use of aloe Vera hydrosol. It can help relieve itching, inflammation, redness and rashes.

Neem Hydrosol has natural healing, cleansing and detoxing properties. Neem Hydrosol’s antibacterial properties help to fight acne and prevent future blemishes, also keep the skin smooth and fight wrinkles. .

Eucalyptus hydrosol reduce acne. It has antiseptic and healing properties. It gives a cooling and refreshing  sensation to the skin.

Application: Spray it directly on the face after every face wash.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, color and scent may vary slightly different from batch to batch


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