Scented Candle.
Pure Soy Wax.
Single Wick.
Burning Time: 30 hours approx.
Weight: 90g.
Synthetic Color Free.
Scent: Bakhoor.
For long lasting burn let the candle cold down and trim the wick after every 2,3 hours. Protect From Direct Sunlight.

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An ancient fragrance that has shaped the course of our history, awakening passions and summoning courage in our men and women, inspiring them to greater thoughts and deeds.  Bring the legends back to life with the bakhoor and you will be able to enjoy the rich aroma of bakhoor in all its glory.

When you burn Jannat candle it will fill the air with a warm, sweet bakhoor aroma. As time passes by, your sweet paradise will blend out with the exquisite bakhoor and form a very exotic fragrance.

it is said to be the first fragrance that a person will experience when entering paradise.
you can achieve a deep relaxation state with the aroma of bakhoor at your home.


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