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Artistic Antique Jar.
Once the jar is sold out won’t available again (for obvious reasons )
Pure Soy Wax.
Single Wick
Burning Time: 60 hours approx.
Weight: 175g
Synthetic Color Free.
Scent: Motia & Jasmine
For long-lasting burns let the candle cold down after every 2,3 hours.
Protect From Direct Sunlight.

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This artistic & collectible antique jar has been given new life as deliciously fragrant with all-natural soy candle.
Only one jar available of each (for obvious reasons ) once the jar is sold out won’t available again so snatch up yours for you or the antique-lover in your life!

Moonlight candle smells like all of your favorite rom-com compiled into one never-ending movie of passion and happiness. Is rich, sweet, fruity, and sensual, and it’s often seen as a symbol of seduction, and love.
The combination of feminine sweetness and masculine wildness makes the smell of a moonlight candle universally attractive.

After your candle is finished burning, simply wash the jar out with warm soapy water and it’s ready to be given yet another new life as a flower vase or collectible home decor!


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