Saffron 24k Gold Serum


Quantity: 25g.
Best for day and night time both.
100% Natural.
Synthetic Fragrance-Free.
Synthetic Colour- Free.
Preservatives & Paraben Free.
Ingredients: Jojoba oil Flaxseed oil Vetiver oil essential Rose oil Aloe Vera oil Glycerin Vitamin E oil Tea tree oil Saffron 24k gold Home-dried rose petals
Best for normal, dry, extremely dry and sensitive skin.
Store at dry cool place. Protect from direct sunlight

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We up our  game! By glorifying Saffron 24k gold beauty serum ingredients

With all the power of nature

It now has more extraordinary skin-loving abilities. More nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging properties.

Nature has so much to offer that’s why we do too, we make saffron 24k gold beauty serum with pure cold-pressed oils why do we choose oils? oils have an amazing impact on skin, you cannot use 100 roses on your face at once but in the form of oil in a few drops, you can have the benefit of 100 roses.

Its a science oil attracts oil, how? Let us explain your skin produce oil, not water or chemicals so when you apply oil on your skin it seeps through into your skin with your natural oils and what it does? It deeply penetrates and nourishes your skin with the goods of nature.


Saffron 24k gold beauty serum Improves skin texture, Even out skin tone. Deeply nourish,plumped,rejuvenate and Hydrate skin. Anti ageing. Reduce fin lines and under eye line. Make skin healthy and bouncy, Make skin glowy and healthy inside. Blanca oil production from your sebum. revers sun damage. Even can be used on kids. Can be use as a makeup primer for a healthy and glowy skin,

Saffron 24k gold beauty serum is made of 8 wonderful oils. No filler oils or synthetics 100% chemical-free Preservative-free Paraben-free

Color and Fragrance free

If you want glowy, dewy, and glass skin, try Saffron 24k gold beauty serum, which has all the amazing ingredients that will turn your skin into glass.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, color and scent may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Application: take 3,4 drops. If you have oily skin use less and if have dehydrated skin use more The trick to proper application is to distribute the oil among your fingertips and then gently massage them over your skin. Many people start at the cheeks and rub outwards from there. This is less effective, because the oil will collect more heavily where you begin and appear that it hasn’t


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