Spontaneous Bond

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Artistic Antique Jar.
Once the jar is sold out won’t available again (for obvious reasons )
Pure Soy Wax.
Single Wick.
Burning Time: 60 hours approx.
Weight: 175g
Synthetic Color Free.
Scent: Wood Spice & Rose.
For long lasting burn let the candle cold down after every 2,3 hours.
Protect From Direct Sunlight.

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This artistic & collectible antique jar has been given new life as deliciously fragrant all-natural soy candles.
Only one jar available of each (for obvious reasons ) once the jar is sold out won’t available again so snatch up yours for you or the antique-lover in your life!

The fragrance is a gentle combination of spices and a wood aroma, with a sweet touch of roses.
A combination of bright light and soft scent soothes the senses and provides a calm and relaxing environment. There really is no better way to end the day, than by letting any tension of the day slip away, enjoying an evening bathed in soft candlelight, and surrounded by a beautiful fragrance

After your candle is finished burning, simply wash the jar out with warm soapy water and it’s ready to be given yet another new life as a flower vase or collectible home decor!


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