Sweet Tooth


Scented Candle.
Pure Soy Wax.
Single Wick.
Burning Time: 30 hours approx.
Weight: 90g.
Synthetic Color Free.
Scent: Candy & Vanilla.
For long lasting burn let the candle cold down and trim the wick after every 2,3 hours. Protect From Direct Sunlight

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Conspicuously Bright, bubbly, and dearly scrumptious, this sweet sip makes every hour a happy one.
A perfect gift for any sweet tooth out there. The nostalgic scent smells just like sugary melty candy floss, complete with a blend of sweet vanilla aftertaste. This yummy smelling candle is made 100% natural and is hand-poured with love – sure to get you mouth-watering.


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