The Coffee Soap

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Weight: 120g approx.
Homemade & Hand Crafted.
Cold Process Soap.
Ingredients: Coffee Olive Oil Coffee Grains Avocado Oil Cocoa Butter Coconut Oil Frankincense Essential Oil Cedarwood Essential Oil Lye

Best for Combination, Normal Dry, Eczema & Sensitive.
Synthetic Color & Fragrance-Free Preservatives & Paraben Free.
Due to the handmade nature of this product, design, color and scent may vary slightly from batch to batch.

To last longer use BarHaam OrgAnics wooden soap dish with proper drainage of excess water away and keep the soap dry between uses.

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Having a clean face is everyone’s idea of a beautiful face. Coffee and other natural ingredients such as coffee, olive oil, coffee grains, avocado oil, cocoa butter,  frankincense essential oil, and cedarwood essential oil inside it are perfect for removing dark spots, and dirt as well acne scars to accomplish the ideally clean face.

The great thing you’ll discover about coffee soap bar is, protect from free radical damage and aging, increase collagen and elastin, and decrease the appearance of sunspots, redness, and fine lines, a rich source of vitamin B3 from coffee makes it a effective post-sun care, which is a soothing treatment that your sunburned skin will appreciate.

Furthermore, it has anti-fungal and antimicrobial qualities, which makes it an anti-acne treatment. Coffee soap bar is rich in antioxidants, vitamins like A, E and K, and fatty acids which are key essentials for perfect skin. Don’t bother looking for soaps with lots of chemicals. You can have one made of purely natural ingredients.


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